Barbecue Country Style (Party Version) - Single

Brian Callies

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A "party version" remake of one of Brian Callies most requested and entertaining songs from his debut country album "Welcome Home".


My wife, without whom I doubt this release would ever have happened. Thanks for being my partner throughout this project. You gave me encouragement, honest and loving feedback, and a ton of support from start to finish. I love and thank you so much. One of the reasons this release means so much to me, is that it was our first project together. I pray there will be many more.

My awesome family and friends, who are always there for me. You are a huge part of me and influence me more than you might know.

John Baxter & KMB Publishing for all the technical and musical creativity and overwhelming support.

Above all, thanks to my heavenly father for this opportunity, for opening the doors, leading me through, giving me strength, and being my friend along the way!

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