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Born in Denver, Colorado on May 24, 1972, Brian was raised in Mustang, a small town in Oklahoma just west of Oklahoma City. In short, Mustang was simply a small country community surrounded by a few nearby cities. This gave Brian the opportunity to grow up just the way he loved. He, along with his two brothers, spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, hiking, fishing, and camping, but was close enough to a city where he could always find something going on. He spent much of his young life in the Boy Scouts, leading and teaching younger scouts, even earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Brian was shaped by his love for family, friends, outdoors, music, community, and God. His earliest memory of singing was at a family reunion when he was 10. Brian, along with his two brothers, Mark & Scott, was talked into going on stage and singing "Swingin", his favorite song at the time. After the initial surge of fear and stage fright pasted, Brian unknowingly got his first glimpse of how much fun it was to perform in front of people. This musical spark started a flame that would continue to grow. Since then, Brian always had a passion for singing, whether it was just for himself or in front of other people. From participating in a variety of choirs in both school and church, it seems music was always some part of his life as he was growing up. Later, Brian bought a karaoke machine from a friend, which spurred his interest in performing. "It is amazing how something you can sing can affect people so emotionally." -Brian He started playing little mini karaoke concerts for a fishing retreat in Calico Rock, Arkansas. Anything and everything, whatever people wanted to hear. Although his roots were in traditional and country music, he would try anything and everything. And if he couldn't do it, he would bring someone up to help. Of course he always wanted to bring someone else up to sing or join in. He just loved to watch the music take hold and see everyone have a great time!!!! Actually, Brian still holds these mini karaoke gigs whenever he gets the chance to just kick back and have fun. In 1995 Brian got his first opportunity to record in a studio in Nashville. Although the session did not lead to any major breaks, the experience started the recording fever. Later, a few songs he recorded on his own ended up in the ears of a recording company, MC8 Records. Once Brian recorded his first song with MC8 Records, "Welcome Home", he was hooked. At the encouragement of family, friends, and MC8 Records, he decided to do a complete album, "WELCOME HOME". It didn't take long before Brian wanted to get back in the studio. Brian admits that ideas of what to do for the next album started pouring in even before "WELCOME HOME" was finished. "Recording in a studio is addictive!" -Brian Brian claims that his family is the biggest part of who he is, both as a person and as an entertainer, although he considers many of his close friends as family. His devotion to his family, work, and GOD, shaped his influence and brought him to where he is today. Still, Brian considers himself just a regular guy; "I'm just an ordinary guy, nothing fake, nothing fancy, just myself."-Brian This casual and honest style is apparent in his music, which reflects much of his personality. In creating "WELCOME HOME", Brian wanted his first album release to show exactly who he is and what he is about, which is why "WELCOME HOME" is a combination of emotions from sincere & heart felt to kickback and sing-along. Brian sings with his unique style to appeal to everyone. MC8 Records owner (Alec Alan) knows Brian will succeed at whatever he puts his mind to, and knows the public will just love him. "He sings a great ballad and delivers each and every song with conviction," says Alec. When Brian steps on stage, everyone can expect a great show with interaction from Brian himself. There is something in it for everyone, so when you get a chance to see him in person, we recommend that you do!

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PERSONAL STATS Full Name: Brian Matthew Callies Birthday: May 24, 1972 Birthplace: Denver, CO Raised: Mustang, OK Hometown: Calico Rock, AR Resides: Memphis, TN Height: 5’10½” Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Marital Status: Married "To the most wonderful lady God ever made!" Alynda Fleming Callies Kids: Besides my horse “Baby”, none yet...(but, tryin'!) Godfather: to my niece, Kaitlin Renee Callies Parents: Ken & Judith Callies Brothers: Mark & Scott (Scooter/Bubba) Ext. Family: Cid & Paula Price Nick Names: Boo, B HOBBIES Playing with horses, fishing, 4-wheeling, hiking, karaoke, karate, and building just about anything with wood, and of course…music! FAVORITES Color: Blue Food: Pizza and Mom’s Meatloaf Movie: Lonesome Dove Actor/Actress: Sean Connery Male Singer: Kenny Rogers Female Singer: Martina McBride Book: Anything that makes a good movie TV Show: Friends Magazine: Field & Stream Sport: Fishing (is that a sport?) Horse: "Baby" Truck: Ford Holiday: Christmas Season: Spring MUSIC Influences: Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Ronnie Milsap, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Randy Travis, Chris LeDoux, Mickey Gilley, Alan Jackson, all the 50-70’s oldies but goodies, and every other singer on the radio you can sing along with while driving. Management: Brian Callies Productions Instruments: Guitar

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