Brian Callies

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hello I am a callies my fathers name is kevin callies and his fathers name was gary victor callies and want to know more history on the family name
Great songs. Interesting website and story. I am a possible classmate of your Dad - Ken Callies from Calico Rock - Morrill High School Class of 1962 - 50th reunion in Morrill NE Would love to make contact with your Dad Ken and have him attend the 50th reunion July 20-21 2012- all reunion weekend Town population 950 ...Letters sent with no response yet .Do you think this is your Dad, Ken? is exciting to see where one's hometown roots lead them in a lifetime. Great talent - impressed by your music Country Music is the best. Jim Spencer
Very nice voice. Very soothing and I like the words to the music. Some of the songs hit home...very cool.
Your voice is beutifull. WOW, I'm just blown away.
I am your father's cousin. My mother was your dad's Aunt Bernadine. I am going up to Sand Point when the weather gets a little better and hopefully will be able to find out some more about the family and can send you some copies if you are interested. One older census (1870 I think) lists one of our ancestors as French so I am curious to find out more since we have nnot been able to locate Great Great Grandpa John Callies' whereabouts. Bonnie Vacha (and her brother Robert Callies), who is one of Great Grandpa Herman's children -- she and her husband Lambert live in Dodge, Nebraska, have also been trying with no luck. There are about 60 Callies here in Washington living in Onalaska and across the Puget Sound. I have met them and they look like the family. The patriarch is definitely a Callies. I could probably e-mail you some pictures. Anyway, I'm still waiting for your next CD.
Angie Bridges sent me the link and suggested I give your music a listen. I have to say I was blown away. The songs are great and your voice is incredible. I'll be buying your CD today!
Brian, I first heard your relatives, and mine, talk about you at a reunion at the lake near Burwell, NE. a few years ago. With dial up, I'm not able to hear your music, but am impressed with your love of music and sharing with others. We are parts of the same family tree. I am from the Henry Callies branch; he was the youngest of the John Callies Sr. boys. If I remember right, your branch was Herman Callies. There was also the John Callies Jr. branch. I have a Callies family scrapbook, which refers to my parents and baby at the 50th anniversary party for the Herman Callies' in Newman Grove in the 1930s. As I look at your picture on your website, I see resemblances to my cousins, the Benjamin Callies boys, Virgil, Roger, Rolland. Leo, Russell, Dennis, Maurice favored their mother's side with reddish hair.
Lived in Yukon worked at Santa Fe RR with your dad. Shelby and Tate in Scouts with you and brothers Mark and Scott. Haven't talked with your folks for some time, we live on 20 acres in Cheney, Kansas. Take Care. Jim
Love the song Welcome Home. We played it when my brother passed. God bless you.
Hello Brian! Great music. Greetings to all from Poland.
Tell ur wife to stop feedin ya so much ur gettin fat bro an i got more fish to stuff in ur briches with your brother scottie love to mom an popper l8er bro
Hello to members of this site, pleased to have joined your forum.
i am also a Callies. the name is not a common name so when i found your website i was very, very surprised.
As alumni, we started to date.
Look who is the super star!!! Remember the infamous 4...The two Brian's, Andy, and David from BHS?
I've just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. My life's been generally boring today. I looked at the world.
very good , useful site
I love the new site!! Looking forward to see ya at your next concert. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God Bless You and your Family.
Thank you for the awesome music and the great heart behind it. Good luck on the next CD.
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
You have such a good warm voice. Your Welcome Home CD is excellent! Are you working on a new one? I hope you make more.
Wowwww. You are doing great!!!
Heard your CD from a friend of mine. I just bought one today from your site. Would love to see you live!
Always have enjoyed your music! Glad your still singing! We wish you all the success in the world!
love your music!
Brian, Happy New Year to you. We have moved the studio into the "The Depot" train station and have new facilities and gear. Stop by or call when you are in this part of the woods. Thanks John Baxter Baxter-Collins Digital Studios 129 Lawrence Street Batesville, Arkansas 72501 870-613-7777
You're the greatest!
You can do it!!